Payment Methods | Glispe Store



By choosing this mode, during the process of finalizing the order you will be redirected to a secure payment page provided by our partner Redunicre. After filling in the details of your credit card and complete the payment you will automatically be sent to our website. The payment of your order will be suspended pending confirmation from us, just being debited from your account after your order has been sent.




When you choose this method, the data to where you should send your payment will be provided with your order confirmation. That way you can make a transfer from the way that suits you. Whether through the internet with your bank online, by phone or by going to an ATM to make the transfer. To accelerate the payment confirmation if you want you can send us a copy of proof of payment via email to When the amount is confirmed in our bank your order will be sent. This payment method is only available for some countries.




When you choose this method, the payment will be made directly to the carrier when you receive the order. Payment can be made in cash, or ATM if available. This payment method is only available to Portugal Mainland.




By choosing this method, we will provide the data (Entity Reference and Amount) to make payment in ATM or through your home banking. This payment method is available just for Portugal.




After you´ve placed your order, the products will be reserved during 6 hours. If we don't have the confirmation and information that the payment has been made, your order may be canceled or extended the payment term.